R & D

Pure and Ultra Pure Water Facility, Seawater Desalination System
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant, Filteration Equipment

Introduction of study

DH water Enterprise Institute has achieved continuous growth since its foundation in 2015 October, and is developing water treatment technology using membrane in step with the world water industry market.
Wishing to share the future with our customers, we make effort to deal with requirements anytime in any field, and not only are we continuing research for required skills of products used in domestic and overseas, but are increasing in investing for technology expansion of seawater desalination and waterworks fields.
In the future, we will constantly increase investment, and endlessly do the efforts for technology acquisition and development to become a competitive company.

Performance of Technology Development Project

Business Name / Project Title Total Development Time Project Parent Station Remarks
Developed a small self-cleaning seawater desalination system for fresh water supply of small ships and yachts 2017. 09. 01 ~ 2018. 01. 31. Gyeongnam Technopark
Developed a system that reduced seawater desalination unit cost by more than 10% using deep well pump 2017. 07. 01 ~ 2018. 03. 31. Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Development of portable nanofiltration membrane softening device using ceramic balls 2017. 07. 01 ~ 2017. 12. 31. Korea Institute of Ceramic ENG. & TECH.
Develop new small mobile seawater desalination product for supplying fresh water to small to medium sized ship 2017. 05. 01 ~ 2017. 08. 31. Gyeongnam Technopark
Produce make-up samples using the yellow lacquer extraction natural disinfectants (preservative). 2016. 07. 29 ~ 2017. 04. 30. Jinju Bioindustry Promotion Foundation
Develop industrial water production facilities using ceramic micro filter and reverse osmosis systems. 2016. 08. 01 ~ 2016. 12. 31. Korea Institute of Ceramic ENG. & TECH.
Develop reverse osmosis systems fused with ceramic micro filter for industrial water production facility performance improvements. 2016. 09. 01 ~ 2016. 12. 31. Korea Institute of Ceramic ENG. & TECH.
Nanofiltration membrane softening system 2016. 08. 01 ~ 2016. 09. 30. Korea Institute of Ceramic ENG. & TECH.
Develop seawater desalination equipment using Reverse Osmosis filter 2015. 11. 01 ~ 2016. 02. 29. Gyeongnam Technopark
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