DH-SS 100/200

Pure and Ultra Pure Water Facility, Seawater Desalination System
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant, Filteration Equipment

DH-SS 100/200

3D Sheet
  • The seawater desalination system is a facility that can obtain drinking water and domestic water by removing salt and harmful substances in seawater.


  • Especially, it is possible to take seawater from island areas and coastal areas where is not available desalination and can be provide drinking water, domestic water and industrial water.
  • Desalination equipment of seawater below 35,000ppm TDS


  • Equipment configuration using reverse osmosis membrane suitable for seawater


  • System that can save maintenance cost because there is little corrosion and trouble


  • Use of duplex grade materials with excellent corrosion resistance to seawater
  • Output per day

11111140~100 ton/day

  • Concentration(Raw water)

11111135000 ppm

  • Concentration(Permeate)

111111350 ppm

  • Working Pressure

11111165 kg/cm²

  • Electricity

111111380V 3 phases

  • Component

111111Carbon Filter
111111Bag Filter
111111Micro Filter
111111R/O System
111111UV Sterilizer

  • process water / water softener / seawater desalination / water purification device


  • pure water manufacturing equipment / DI facilities


  • strictly administer water quality TDS conductivity of raw material production water / make-up / medicine / semiconductor / electric electronic / plating / surface treatment / stamp process


  • Demineralizer


  • ultrapure water system


  • R/O system


  • UF system
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