Seawater Desalination Plant

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Seawater Desalination Plant


what is seawater desalination?

It is eliminating toxic substances, including salinity, and creating water for living.

The principle of Reverse osmosis

In reverse osmosis, a liquid with concentration difference such as seawater and freshwater is separated by a semipermeable membrane and an applies pressure at seawater which overcomes osmotic pressure so that water can flow to the low concentration liquid. When seawater pass through this device it becomes clean fresh water, available in using in everyday life. The device using this principle is called Reverse Osmosis Equipment.


How long should I buy drinking water?

If seawater desalination device is used you will taste good water without the salty taste by filtering out the salt from the water supplied through the pipe.

Are you uncomfortable with the feeling of the water when doing laundry and bathing?

By filtering all kinds of toxic substances including the salt of seawater, hardness components, and bacteria, not only does it protects the clothes’ durability when doing laundry, but also keeps soft skin after bath.

Are you upset because the pipe gets rusty so fast?

Seawater makes the pipe get rusty fast because there are all kinds of substances. R/O device keeps the water clean, therefore the pipes can have a longer life.

Do we use the device once and throw it away?

Just change the filter inside and you can use it for a long time.




  • Preprocessing

Filtering the seawater’s floating materials, smell, taste, color, foreign substance etc. by going through the carbon tank and micro filter in order, to make water taste better and reduce the load of reverse osmosis device.

  • Reverse osmosis device

Send the water passed the preprocessing device to the reverse osmosis membrane using the high pressure pump and eliminate 95~98% of salt, creating it into fresh water using hydrostatic pressure.

  • Postprocessing device

Light ultraviolet lamp on the water pass the reverse osmosis device in order to sterilize and make it into clean edible water.


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