Seawater Desalination Plant, Pure and Ultra Pure Water Facility, 
Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant, Filteration Equipment

Water Industry & Water Cycle

Generalizing The public service industry from Municipal water to waste water industry concerning with Water-cycle.

Bring market formation by mutual cooperation with total service industry incl. Engineering, Finance, Manufacture, Construction, Technology service


The Production and Supply of Water

– produce drinking water
(water purify, seawater desalination)
– produce water by use (industrial pure water)
– build pipeline network

Use of Water Industrial

– Electric Electronics, Steel, Development, Petrochemistry
– Home / Public facilities / Business use

Reuse of Water (Disposal of waste water)

– build sewage pipe line
– disposal of sewage waste water
– reuse of sewage waste water

Field of Business

Water Treatment<br />
Equipment Business

Water Treatment
Equipment Business

– Reverse Osmosis device / Electro deionization, Continuous Deionization / Mixed Bed Deionizer / Softener / UV, COL2 generator / water treatment consumables

Water Treatment<br />
Chemical Business

Water Treatment
Chemical Business

– organic detergent for R/O , inorganic detergent for R/O, Antiscalants for R/O, Disinfectant for R/O, Residual chlorine remover
– Cooling tower : corrosion inhibitor, bactericide
– Boiler : scalant dispersant, antiscales
– waste water field : antifoamer, coagulant, inorganic chemicals
Water Treatment<br />
Pipe Plan Business

Water Treatment
Pipe Plan Business

– extension and replacement of water treatment pipes
– installation of all kinds of water treatment system pipes

The Equipment Lending System of DH Water

Effect Lease Period
- the entire consumables needed for water treatment replaced and managed by headquarters during the lease period
- secure lasting water quality by custom-made manufacture
- Convenience of the customer due to regular check-ups
- Reduction of annual expense effect
- 1 year, 2 years, 3 years rental fee according to CAPA and amount of use
- 1 year, 2 years, 3 years after expiration of equipment lending change to customer’s equipment
- expense effect after 1 year : 20% savings
- expense effect after 3 year : 30% savings
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