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DH WATER a leading provider of manufactures Seawater Desalination System and water purification equipment using reverse osmosis. Water treatment using reverse osmosis such as seawater desalination, portable water purification equipment, automobile installation water purification equipment, self generation water purification equipment, caravan water purification equipment, pure water production equipment, bottled water production equipment, ground water purification equipment, heavy metal removal equipment, Design, produce and sell equipment, and provide engineering services.

So far, We; DH WATER were Focusing on Water purifying system, Two Pass Water Purifying system & EDI system and are Expanding to Sea Water Desalination system For Drinking and Industrial Parts.

We, DH WATER hope will be remain as your trusted Supplier in Water treatment division

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History of Company

Water Treatment Equipment Business Field

  • Reverse Osmosis water purifying system
  • Ultrapure water Purifying system
  • Mixed Bed pure water purifying system
  • Ion Exchange Softner system

Water Treatment Chemical Business Field

  • Organic & Inorganic detergent for R/O
  • Anti-scalants for R/O, Disinfectant for R/O, Residual chlorine scanvenger
  • Cooling tower : Corrosion inhibitor, Bactericide
  • Boiler : Anti-scalant
  • Waste water : Defoaming Agent, Flocculant, Inorganic chemical

Water Treatment Pipe Plant Business Field

  • extension and replacement of water treatment pipes
  • installation of all kinds of water treatment system pipes




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